Keeping Your Pets Safe

Dog owners are reminded of the need to be mindful of their pet's whereabouts to ensure the animal's safety, as well as the safety of neighbours and the community.

Dogs often get out through fences, are released to run with an owner's blessing, or leave unfenced properties without the owner's knowledge. Allowing your pet to roam could result in them being injured by a vehicle, injuring another animal or a person, eating something dangerous, becoming lost, or you being fined. In some cases, neighbouring residents are left to deal with the issue when faced with problems caused by the roaming animal.

It is also a good idea to identify your pet with a collar and tag with your contact number (and bell for cats) in case they are lost.

Public areas and reserves

In public areas and reserves, it is a requirement for dog owners/carers to:

  • have the animal/s under the effective control of a competent person over the age of 16
  • secure the animal/s on an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and is held by or secured to the person
  • pick up after and appropriately dispose of the dog's faeces
  • have a maximum of four dogs under the control of a person
  • muzzle (at all times) dogs declared dangerous, menacing or restricted
  • Greyhounds are no longer required to be muzzled in a public place provided they are registered on the NSW Pet Registry website.

Roaming dogs or dog attacks

For assistance with roaming dogs or dog attacks,

  • During operating hours:
    Animal Control Rangers on 02 4645 4604
    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

  • After hours assistance:
    Campbelltown Police on 02 4620 1199
    Macquarie Fields Police on 02 9605 0499

You can also make a report online from our Roaming/stray dogs and cats, barking dogs and dog attacks page.

Leash free areas

We promote responsible dog ownership and enforces the Companion Animals Act through signage in public areas and at leash free facilities.

Our leash free areas are provided for the purpose of socialising and exercising dogs in Minto (Eagle Vale Drive), St Helens Park (Kellerman Drive), Raby (Hurricane Drive) and Glenfield (off Newton Road).

Going on holidays?

If you're heading away and can't take your four-legged friend with you, it's time to plan.

  • It's important to make sure your pets are secure and looked after when you're not at home, particularly during the festive season, when animals can fret in response to fireworks or other celebrations.
  • Professional animal boarding facilities should be considered if you're going away for an extended period.
  • Always ensure that your dog or cat is microchipped and registered and that all contact details on the animal registration are up-to-date, otherwise there may be no way of notifying you, should your pet escape and be brought to the Animal Care Facility while you're away.

If someone is looking after your pet while you are away

If your pets are being looked after by someone else, it's a good idea to provide them with a signed letter of authority so that we are able to release the dog to the temporary carer if it is taken to the Animal Care Facility. We are unable to release dogs or cats to anyone other than the registered owner, unless there is a letter of authority allowing us to.

When preparing your letter of authority, ensure to include the following details:

  • Name/s and microchip number/s of your pet/s
  • Name of the authorised person to collect the animal on your behalf
  • Pet owner's name, address, contact phone number, licence number and signature.