Construction Certificates (CC)

What is a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate (CC) is a certificate that states that building work or subdivision works can commence on a project approved by development consent.

This certificate can be issued by either Council or an Accredited Certifier. Construction Certificates are issued to allow a wide range of works to commence including the building of a shed ,house and swimming pools through to the construction of a subdivision including roads and drainage and large scale commercial and industrial development.

You must obtain a Construction Certificate prior to the commencement of any of the approved development works to which the Construction Certificate application relates.

A Construction Certificate is essentially a permit to start construction works and certifies that:

  • The detailed construction plans and specifications for the development are consistent with the applicable Development Consent and comply with the relevant Council policies;
  • All relevant conditions of the Development Consent have been satisfied;
  • The detailed construction plans and specifications for the development comply with any relevant Australian Standards;
  • All required Developer Contributions and charges have been paid in full.

At what stage do I apply for a Construction Certificate?

You can lodge the Construction Certificate application at the same time as the Development Application. However, a Construction Certificate can only be issued after Development Consent has been granted.

Note: You must have Development Consent to obtain a Construction Certificate. No work may be commenced until you obtain a Construction Certificate for the proposed works(PDF, 110KB) and notifiy Council two days in advance of your intention to start work on site.