When is a Development Application required?

A Development Application is effectively a formal request for permission to carry out a specific type of Development.

Development is defined as:

  • The use of land
  • The subdivision of land
  • The erection of a building or structure
  • The carrying out of work
  • The demolition of a building or work
  • Any other act, matter or thing referred to in an environmental planning instrument.

It is generally required that a Development Application be lodged with us in order to obtain approval for the carrying out of any form of development work that is not deemed to be Exempt Development or Complying Development.

Before carrying out any development, you should check the NSW Planning Portal to see whether the development you wish to carry out is exempt, or otherwise needs formal approval.

If your proposal does not meet the Exempt Development criteria, you will most likely need to lodge a formal Development Application with Council seeking approval to carry your proposed development.

In some cases, approval for minor development can be obtained under a Complying Development application. Development meeting the Complying Development criteria can be approved within 10 days.