Business Parks and Employment Land

Campbelltown CBD Transformation

Campbelltown’s capacity to grow has much to entice prospective businesses. The city’s land availability and capacity for greenfield developments are critical in the context of Sydney’s diminished land supply, rising land prices and intensifying population pressures. Campbelltown has significant tracts of underdeveloped land proposed or available for development.

Campbelltown’s accessibility, transport links, connectivity to Sydney CBD and airport, and availability of land located in key employment precincts, combined with lower purchase/rental costs compared to Sydney and Parramatta CBDs for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, has resulted in Campbelltown becoming a major draw card for businesses looking to develop, build or relocate.

Competitive Business Costs 

The cost of doing business in Campbelltown is highly competitive compared to the rest of Sydney and other eastern seaboard cities, such as Melbourne and Brisbane. 

For example, industrial land values and rents are up to 40-50% cheaper in Campbelltown relative to other areas of Sydney. 

In addition to lower property costs, by locating in Campbelltown you stand to benefit from lower staffing, utilities, living and other costs. 

Availability of suitable sites 

Campbelltown has over 150 hectares of undeveloped industrial land available to accommodate a wide range of business operations of any scale. 

Developing the city

In addition to the number of services and facilities which are already a major draw card for people looking to move to or invest in the area, Council is interested in working with key stakeholders to further develop the city. The vision is to position Campbelltown as a self-sustaining city, with access to the highest-level services, facilities and amenities, combined with a diversity of employment options.

Council has a number of strategic land holdings located in the Campbelltown CBD. It is proposed that future options for some of these sites will be considered by Council for their capacity to help shape the future of the CBD. Council is also seeking to ensure that all future developments within the CBD are complementary and work together to create a vibrant, liveable, mixed use centre.