Corporate Planning and Strategy - Campbelltown 2032

All councils in NSW are required to operate within the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework. The IP&R framework guides how each council develops, documents and reports on their strategic plans for their Local Government Area. The IP&R framework reflects relevant legislative requirements under the Local Government Act 1993.

Campbelltown 2032 represents Campbelltown’s Corporate Planning Framework. The following pages contain links to our key plans, explains our processes to engage the community and report on our results.

Our community has a strong vision for the future of Campbelltown, and together has determined five key Outcomes for our city which are documented in the Community Strategic Plan - Campbelltown 2032(PDF, 4MB).

Community Vision: A City of Opportunity for All

  • Outcome 1: Community and belonging
  • Outcome 2: Places for people
  • Outcome 3: Enriched natural environment
  • Outcome 4: Economic prosperity
  • Outcome 5: Strong leadership

It is the commitment of Council that these goals will be at the core of what we deliver for our community. All of Council’s planning under the IP&R Framework is developed to directly align to these Outcomes, most specifically in our Delivery Program & Operational Plan.

Council will ensure that the community has ongoing opportunities to have their say on the future of the city and that Council is always working towards the achievement of the collective vision for Campbelltown.

IPR graphic

The framework includes three key activities which are performed on a continuous basis: Engaging our Community, Planning for Success and Delivering Results.