Organisational structure

Every four years, 15 Councillors are elected by registered voters across Campbelltown City to represent the Campbelltown community. Councillors elect a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor.

Campbelltown City Council employs over 900 staff across five key directorates to support the Councillors in delivering a wide range of activities to jointly achieve the outcomes and strategies outline in our Community Strategic Plan.

Our Executive Team

Each directorate is led by a Director to provide strategic, operational and cultural leadership to inspire our staff, and these executives report directly to the General Manager.

Council’s General Manager is responsible for all issues relating to Council staff and ensures that all the decisions of Council are undertaken.

Let's meet the team and learn more about the sections they look after:

Council's General Manager, Lindy Deitz

  • Office of the General Manager
  • Internal Audit
  • Communications

Our General Manager is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of Council's operations and services. This division provides independent and objective assurance, review and consulting activities designed to add value and improve Council's operations as well as positively promoting Council and its programs, events and initiatives through a variety of communication tools.

Jai Rowell, Deputy General Manager | Director City Governance

  • Corporate Services and Governance
  • Corporate Support Systems
  • People and Performance
  • Property Services

Our City Governance Division is a corporate services function supporting Council in efficient and effective delivery of services. This is integral to the successful implementation of Council's Community Strategic Plan and sustainability under Fit for the Future requirements.

Scott Grant, Director City Lifestyles

  • Community Businesses
  • Community Life
  • Community Learning and Library Services

The City Lifestyles focus is around people, creating and delivering places, services, facilities and experiences that contribute to the lifestyle and community wellbeing of the Campbelltown Local Government Area (LGA). The division comprises of three sections with a range of operations and services - Community Life, Community Learning and Library Services and Community Businesses.

Ben Hoyle, Deputy General Manager | Director City Services

  • Operations
  • Infrastructure
  • Open Space

City Delivery is responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads, buildings, parks and drainage infrastructure. The division also provides emergency services, flood mitigation, road and community safety and city improvements. Our Facility Support Unit coordinates the security and cleaning of Council’s facilities (including management of graffiti).

Jim Baldwin, Director City Planning and Environment

  • Urban Release and Engagement
  • Urban Centres
  • City Standards, Compliance and Waste

City Development is responsible for the planning and development of our established urban and CBD areas of Campbelltown, as well as ensuring the orderly and environmentally sensitive planning and development of our new release areas. The division also has responsibility for the operation of Animal Care Facility, as well as the City’s waste services, ranger services, environmental and public health and safety, and responding to public complaints on development, pollution and other issues impacting on the amenity of the City.

Rebecca Grasso, Director City Futures

  • City Strategy and Outcomes
  • City Revitalisation and Renewal
  • Insights and Corporate Strategy
  • Creative Life

The purpose of our City Growth Directorate is to grow Campbelltown’s economy, resilience and sustainability, cultural identity and reputation and to support the growth of Council’s capability to deliver against its ambition through city and corporate strategy and through internal frameworks, Research and Engagement and Integrated Planning and Reporting.