Organisational structure

Every four years, 15 Councillors are elected by registered voters across Campbelltown City to represent the Campbelltown community. Councillors elect a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor.

Campbelltown City Council employs over 1000 staff across five key directorates to support the Councillors in delivering a wide range of activities to jointly achieve the outcomes and strategies outline in our Community Strategic Plan.

Our Executive Team

Council’s Executive Team provide strategic, operational and cultural leadership to inspire our staff.

Council’s General Manager is responsible for all issues relating to Council staff and ensures that all the decisions of Council are undertaken.

Let's meet the team and learn more about the areas they look after:

Lindy Deitz, General Manager

Our General Manager is responsible for the strategic direction and overall management of Council's operations and services, and works closely with our elected representatives. This division provides independent and objective assurance, review and consulting activities designed to add value and improve Council's operations as well as positively promoting Council and its programs, events and initiatives through a variety of communication tools.

Teams within the Office of General Manager include:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Executive Office
  • Internal Audit
  • Strategic Partnerships

Lindy is supported by our Deputy General Manager's and the broader Executive team.

Jai Rowell, Deputy General Manager | City Governance, Planning & Futures

Jai is responsible for planning and corporate functions supporting Council in efficient and effective delivery of services and strategies. Teams include:

City Governance City Planning & Environment - Led by Jim Baldwin     City Futures
  • Corporate Services and Governance    
  • Corporate Support Systems
  • People and Performance
  • Property Services
  • Planning & Development
  • City Standards & Compliance    
  • City Strategy & Outcomes
  • City Revitalisation and Renewal
  • Insights and Corporate Strategy   
  • Creative Life


Ben Hoyle, Deputy General Manager | City Services & Lifestyles 

Ben is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of key infrastructure and services which optimise lifestyle outcomes for the community.

City Services City Lifestyles
  • City Projects
  • Infrastructure          
  • Open Space
  • Operations
  • Community Businesses
  • Community Life
  • Community Learning and Library Services     


Meet the rest of our Executive team:

Jim Baldwin, Director City Planning and Environment

  • Planning & Development
  • City Standards & Compliance

Jim is responsible for the planning and development within our city, covering both our existing centres and urban renewal. The division also has responsibility for city safety, compliance and standards including our Animal Care Facility.

Rebecca Grasso, Executive Advisor

Rebecca is responsible for providing specialist strategic advice to the Executive and Senior Leadership Teams to support the delivery of outcomes and projects that will drive opportunities for the city.