New Campbelltown City entrance the sign of a bright future

Published on 15 November 2018

entrance sign

Project Design Engineer Shalini Lokoju (left), Coordinator Traffic and Roads Design Ajay Arora, Cr Rey Manoto, Campbelltown Mayor Cr George Brticevic, and Executive Manager Open Space Ian Andrews.

Campbelltown is a city with a bright future, and the new entrance sign at Narellan Road will ensure that everyone knows it.

It is one of three new welcome signs at key entrances to the city and was unveiled last week at the corner of the intersection of Narellan Road and the M31.

Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr George Brticevic, said the city was on the cusp of a bright future, and the new signs reflected its status as the hub of the new regional Western Parkland City.

"Campbelltown's position near the new Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis will only boost what was already significant population growth," he said.

"Our population is expected to double in the next 20 years.

"The nearby Aerotropolis will bring with it significant employment and business opportunities, which is why Council has developed the Reimagining Campbelltown CBD strategy

"We have already become the focus of significant attention outside the region because of the State Government's Three Cities Plan that puts Campbelltown at the heart of the Western Parkland City.

"These signs send a signal to visitors and passers-by, not to mention those of us who already live and work in our city, that Campbelltown is a thriving area of which we are all justly proud.

"Every village, town and city in Australia has city entrance signs.

"Updating ours to reflect the pride we have in our city is a symbol of the bright future that is coming our way."

entrance sign

The design of the city entrance structures was completed early this year and their locations were selected carefully to ensure maximum visibility to all the road users.

Each sign consists of a curved block wall with corten (rusted) steel pillars at the rear and is surrounded by landscaping.

The landscape and plantings surrounding the sign on Narellan Road are reflective of the Campbelltown landscape.

The feature hoop pine tree represents the use of this tree as an important marker surrounding the early farm houses of the 19th Century.

Many of these trees can be seen on the surrounding high points from the vantage point of the gateway sign.

The grey gums represent the tree's importance in the diet of the koala and help create awareness of our local native trees.

Groundcover plantings are a mixture of native grasses found in the area and are drought tolerant, while the gazania plantings add contrast and colour.

LED lights will illuminate the structures at night.

A similar city entrance structure is on Campbelltown Road at Glenfield, with another one to be built at the western end of Badgally Road in the near future.