Dog Leash Free Areas and Conditions for Dog Entry

Off Leash Dog Park

We provide leash free areas for the purpose of socialising and exercising dogs.

Our facilities are open seven days per week during daylight hours.

We will not be responsible for any damage or injury to any person, property or animal resulting from the use of parks or reserves.

Leash free area locations

There are six dog friendly areas in Campbelltown where dogs can be exercised off their leash freely.

Location Description of facilities

7 - 9 Eagleview Road

Perimeter fencing with seating and water service within the designated area.

Hurricane Drive

Near the Raby Sports Complex, dog agility equipment and shade structure available.

St Helens Park
Kellerman Drive

South eastern corner of Mary Brookes Reserve, dog agility equipment and shade structure available.

Fawcett Street

Kennett Park, located next to the baseball field.

Macquarie Fields
Macquarie Road

Milton Park, perimeter fencing, separate enclosed area for smaller dogs. Entrance is via Macquarie Road, Macquarie Fields.

156 St Johns Road

Baden Powell Reserve, newly constructed with agility, seating and water facilities.

Conditions for dog entry

To provide a safe environment of all users of public space, we require that:

  • All dogs are under the effective control of a competent person over the age of 16 years
  • A maximum of four dogs per person applies
  • The person in charge of a dog prevents the dog from rushing at, attacking, biting, harassing or chasing any person or animal
  • The person in charge of a dog picks up and appropriately disposes of any faeces from the dog
  • Sick or diseased dogs do not enter a park
  • Greyhounds that have not undergone an approved retraining program (to become a "greenhound") are to be muzzled at all times in designated off leash areas
  • Dogs declared dangerous, menacing, or restricted are to be muzzled and leashed at all times
  • Children are supervised at all times by a parent or adult care provider in order to prevent actions that may excite, scare, tease or intimidate a dog to rush at, attack, bite, harass or chase any person or animal
  • No person approaches an unfamiliar dog unless authorised to do so by the person in charge of that dog.

Please pick up any dog faeces and place them in the dog tidy bins provided.

Dog attacks/stray aggressive dogs

For assistance with aggressive stray dogs, you can contact our Animal Control Rangers on 02 4645 4604 during operating hours:

  • Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

For assistance with aggressive stray dogs outside of Animal Control Rangers operating hours, you can contact: