Our Libraries are now cashless

Woman using eftpos terminal

From 1 July 2023 our Campbelltown City Libraries are now cashless. You can now top up your Library card either online or on site to access our services.

Why have we gone cashless?

The amount of cash coming into our libraries has decreased dramatically in the last few years (especially since COVID) as the majority of our customers opt for cashless payments.

The cost of transporting and banking this cash can often cost our service more money and is taking away important funds from the services and programs we offer. By going cashless, we can ensure the money you’ve spent goes directly toward enhancing our services.

How will existing products or services be impacted?

All of our available transactions can be processed in person or on our website through cashless payments.

Printing balances will still be available for patrons to use, and Library Cards will still be able to be topped up with an EFTPOS card, either online or on site.

How can I top up my Library card online for photocopying and printing?

You can top up your Library card online. This is a secure site, and you can top up using a credit or debit card.

Top up my Library card

What if I don’t have access to an EFTPOS card?

We encourage you to contact your bank and discuss the cashless services available to you.

If you are a student who might not have a bank account, we encourage you to organise independent payment plans with your parents or legal guardians.

Can you refuse cash?

Australian businesses do not have to accept cash if they are clear about alternative payment methods.

For more information visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision website.

How do I pay for my meeting room booking?

The Library will be moving to online bookings for meeting rooms in July 2023. This will generate an invoice with a number of payment options.

For more information, please talk to your friendly Library Team.