Got bulky items? Book a kerbside clean up

If you need to get rid of bulky items that can’t go in your bins, you can book a kerbside clean up for general and scrap metal collection.

  • You can have up to four kerbside clean ups each year.
  • One cubic metre of material (1m x 1m x 1m, height x width x depth - about a box trailer load) will be accepted for collection at each clean up.
  • Clean up services are provided ‘on call’ which means you can book as you need them.

Before you put any items on the kerbside

Book a clean up

Terms and Conditions


  • Households that pay a domestic waste service are entitled to four bulky waste collections per year. These entitlements reset annually on 1 January.
  • Residents can only book one kerbside collection per domestic dwelling at a time.
  • If you are moving do not book a kerbside collection that will occur after your move out date. Take your items and book them in at your new property.
  • Kerbside collections booked to a rental property by a tenant that moves out prior to the collection date will be treated as illegal dumping and penalty notices may apply.

Collection size

  • Each collection must be no more than one cubic metre in size - 1m x 1m x 1m, height x width x depth (about the size of a small box trailer).
  • Collections must contain accepted items only.
  • Items must be able to be safely lifted by two people.
  • Ineligible items will not be collected.

Collection placement

  • Items for collection must only be placed at the kerbside the night before the scheduled collection date
  • Items must not obstruct footpaths, walkways, utility installations or disrupt pedestrian traffic.
  • There must be clear access to your pile at the time of collection.
  • Scrap metal items need to be stacked separately from any general waste items as these are collected by separate trucks.
  • Doors must be removed from whitegoods that are booked for safety reasons, including but not limited to fridges, freezers, dryers and washing machines.
  • Garden prunings must be cut into 1metre lengths and tied in bundles that can be lifted by a single person.
  • Items must be bagged or boxed to prevent the potential for wind-blown littering.
  • Items placed behind the property line will not be collected.

Collection times

  • If you book a kerbside clean up before 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, we can usually collect your clean up the following week.
  • During peak times, the wait may be a little longer. Your confirmation email will include your collection date.
  • Your items will usually be collected by the contractor between 6am – 4pm on your collection day.
  • There are times when delays in collections occur and your items may not be collected until the day after your scheduled pick up.

Issues with collections

  • When an oversized pile is presented for collection only the allocated amount for the booking (one metre cubed) will be collected.
  • Any material left behind from an oversize collection or ineligible items is the responsibility of the resident to remove from the kerbside.
  • Items not removed from the kerbside within a week (seven days) will be treated as illegal dumping and fines apply.
  • Piles blocked by cars or other vehicles may not be collected.
  • The placement of bulky waste items out on the kerbside without a kerbside collection booking as per our current procedures will be considered as illegal dumping and individuals may face penalty notices.

Need to cancel/ or change your booking?

Call Customer Service on 02 4645 4000

  • Changing your booking (type of booking) must be completed five days prior to your service
  • Cancellations to bookings must be made at least two business days prior to the scheduled collection date.
  • If a collection is cancelled within one business day of the collection date, it will be deducted from the household's annual allocation.

Report a missed kerbside clean up

Allow up until 12pm the following day for your pick up to occur, as there may be delays with the scheduled collection.

If your collection still hasn't been picked up by then call us on 02 4645 4000 and let us know.

What you can and can't put out for collection

Items you can include Don't include these items
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Garden prunings/trimmings that are no more than 15cm in diameter**
    cut into 1 metre lengths and tied into bundles that can be lifted by one person
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Metals such as whitegoods
    place separately as these are collected by a different truck
    • Fridge, freezers - with the doors removed
    • Hot water systems,
    • Air conditioner units
    • Gym equipment
    • Push bikes
    • Other large metal items (no more than 1.8 metres long)
  • Old furniture
  • Toys and general household items
    - small items must be in boxes
  • Bulky household items
  • NO bricks, terracotta items, tiles, concrete, rubble, asbestos or any other building material
  • NO car batteries or car parts (including tyres)
  • NO commercial or business waste
  • NO food waste
  • NO glass items, such as mirrors, table tops and solar panels
  • NO hazardous items, such as gas bottles
  • NO paints or chemicals*
  • Tree trunks or large branches**

Some chemicals and hazardous items can be taken to the next Household Chemical CleanOut event in your area for disposal. Paints, gas bottles and car batteries can be taken to your nearest Community Recycling Centre for disposal.

** Any branches/tree limbs over 15cm diameter can be disposed of at any licenced waste facility that accepts organic waste.

To find your nearest Household Chemical CleanOut event or Community Recycling Centre, visit the NSW EPA website.

When is my collection day?

My Waste Bin app

Download the My Waste Bin app, and you can check your clean up day, what we can and can't take, and make your clean up booking in a few clicks, wherever you happen to be.

Waste Collection

Enter street address to find your collection dates


Once you have booked your kerbside clean up, please put your items on the kerbside the night before your scheduled collection day.

Items booked for a general clean up will usually be collected on your area's scheduled collection day.

Items booked for a scrap metal clean up are usually collected on the scheduled collection day, but may be collected later in the week.

NOTE: When placing items on the kerbside for collection please remember:

  • Do not put items near obstructions such as vehicles, fences, trees, letter boxes or garden taps
  • Do not cover any utility installations such as water, electricity or gas.