Our Waste and Resource Recovery Education Strategy 2021-24

kids learning to sort recyclables
Kids learning to sort recyclables

As our city continues to grow, we are strategically planning for waste and resource recovery services that meet the current and future needs of our community.

Part of this planning includes preparation for the commencement of our next waste processing and disposal contract in 2024 (Project 24), which is happening against the backdrop of an ever changing regulatory (rules set by State and Federal government) environment. Along with the waste industry, we are continuing to adapt to these challenges.

One thing is certain though - the importance of waste minimisation, contamination reduction and progression towards a circular economy has never been greater. There is much work to be done to improve waste management and resource recovery outcomes for the community, and each individual within our community has an important role to play in achieving this improvement.

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Campbelltown Waste and Resource Recovery Education Strategy 2021-24(PDF, 4MB)

Our Waste and Resource Recovery Education Strategy 2021-24 identifies the priorities an actions to be undertaken over the next three years to achieve our broad goals of waste minimisation and improved resource recovery.

  • During this process, we aim to engage, educate and empower the Campbelltown community to work with us and actively participate in achieving these goals.
  • Working together with our community will be critical in achieving our goals of waste minimisation, improved quality of recyclables and organics streams and improved resource recovery from household kerbside bins.

We simply cannot afford to continue with a 'business as usual' approach, and we hope that the community is willing to embrace our new programs and create positive change for the greater good of our community and environment.