Event Plan Templates

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There is a number of supporting documents that are required to be submitted when applying to hold an outdoor event. We have created the below templates to assist you with creating the required documentation for your event application. 

Contact List

A contact list is necessary and should outline all of the key contacts for the event, including but not limited to staff, volunteers, contractors, stakeholders and public authorities (if applicable). It is also essential to add in any emergency contact details, including but not limited to 000. This contact list can be included in your event running sheet. 

Create your own(XLSX, 14KB)

Risk Management Plan/Assessment

A Risk Assessment document is a process of identifying and assessing potential hazards or effects of harm, then determining its risk rating or likelihood of occurrence. By determining the level of risk, you can prioritise risks and systematically eliminate or minimise them.

You are required to submit your Risk Assessment Plan at the time of your application.

If there are hazardous materials at the event such as electricity, gas, chemicals, fireworks, etc seek expert advice about safe storage and use. Clearly identify these items in your risk Assessment plan and communicate the management procedures to all staff/ volunteers/contractors, etc who may come into contact with these items. Other points to consider include:

  • Only use of reputable suppliers
  • Ensuring items such as gas cylinders and generators have been tested and are in good working order
  • Ensuring gas cylinder tags are clearly displayed
  • Safe placement of items such as generators, cylinders, etc
  • Ensuring you have clearly identified the placement of any hazardous materials on the site map
  • Back up plans in case of equipment failure (e.g. generators)
  • Plan showing location of fire extinguishers, if applicable.

Council requires that all installations be certified by a licensed expert in handling electricity, gas, etc. It is advisable to have the expert present or on stand-by at the event in case of equipment failure in an emergency situation.

Don’t be put off by this process, we are here to help! We have created an easy to use template to assist you with creating your Risk Assessment Plan.

Create your own(DOCX, 22KB)

Traffic Management Plan

If your event involves road closures or has impact on adjoining roads or requires a large amount of parking spaces, you will require a Traffic Management Plan (TMP). TMP’s can be made by contacting our Traffic Committee on 02 4645 4919 or by submitting traffic plans from a contracted traffic control company.

Applications for road closures may take up to 12 weeks for a local road up to 6 months for regional/state roads.

Create your own(DOCX, 92KB)

Transport and Pedestrian Access Plan

This may not be so important for small events, but for some of the bigger ones we need to know how patrons will be getting to and from your event. For smaller events, it may be more appropriate to provide a Pedestrian Access Plan.

The Transport & Pedestrian Access Plan should detail:

  • Patron movement to and from as well as during the event
  • Public transport usage
  • Additional buses if required
  • Provision for all access requirements
  • Parking requirements
  • Any additional information as required

Create your own(DOCX, 16KB)

Event Emergency Evacuation Plan

Your Event Emergency Evacuation Plan will need to demonstrate you have adequate arrangements to facilitate emergency access/response/evacuation which will be reviewed by Council prior to the issue of event approval. The Plan shall identify alternative evacuation points, assign designated personnel to deal with an emergency, identify equipment location (e.g. fire extinguishers) and include a line of command contact list with phone numbers.

Create your own(DOCX, 573KB)

Security Management Plan

It is important to consider security management at your event. Larger events that have over 1,000 attendees or events that will have alcohol available, are required to submit a Security Management Plan at the time of your application. We have provided a Security Management Plan template at the bottom of this page.

We highly recommend that all event organisers check out this template, regardless of the size of your event, to ensure you have considered appropriate security measures for your event. You want to make sure your event is memorable for the right reasons!

Create your own(DOCX, 12KB)

Waste Management Plan

We will require some detail about the Waste Management Strategy at your event, however this will vary depending on the size and type of event. For smaller events we will simply need to know how you intend to pick the waste up off the ground, the number of bins you are providing and how you plan to remove the waste from the site.

A Waste Management Plan will be required for larger events which generate significant amounts of waste.

Create your own(DOCX, 19KB)

Stall Holder List

A stall holder list is essential especially when you are managing multiple stall holders, not only for yourself and your staff but for the efficiency of the Campbelltown City Council approval process.

By submitting your stall holder list with your application this allows council staff to keep track of which stallholders have submitted the required food vendor forms.

Create your own(XLSX, 6MB)

If you have any questions or require additional information or support with your application please don't hesitate to contact the Campbelltown City Council Events Team:

Call:02 4645 4900