Connecting To Nature

Youth exploring the bush

We have created Environmental Education resources to encourage the importance of connecting to the natural world.

Just for kids

The packs include lesson plans, worksheets and activity guides that can translate easily into a weekend adventure or home school environment for families.

Each pack incorporates art, science, geography and math, with the aim of keeping learning stress free and fun.

If you have any questions or need support with the following content, please get in contact with our Environmental Education Officer at

Your guide to identifying animal poo

Wildlife poo is known as scat, and it can be very useful in working out what species are nearby because each type of scat is different. We've developed a handy guide so you can brush up on your animal scat knowledge and detect what animals have been wandering your local trails.

Parents Pack - your guide to identifying animal poo(PDF, 1MB)

Pollinating Project - bug hotels

Learn how to make a recycled bug hotel for your backyard or balcony that will attract good insects, offering them a space where they can live for the winter and encourage them to help the plants near your home.

Parents Pack - bug hotels(PDF, 2MB)

Meet your plant and animal neighbours

Campbelltown is home to a huge variety of plants and animals as well as the many different habitat types that they call home. Let's discover the local landscape and the animals that live within them.

Parents Pack - meet your plant and animal neighbours(PDF, 6MB)

Nature play activities

Looking for some creative nature play ideas to do at home? Here's some inspiration that will keep the kids busy, engaged and learning. Themes include water quality games, biodiversity, plants and animals.

Parents Pack - nature play(PDF, 5MB)

Pollinating project - seed bombs

A seed bomb is made using a few simple materials that can be sourced locally or even in your own backyard. Learn about the process of germination and pollination whilst getting your hands dirty!

Parents Pack - seed bombs(PDF, 3MB)

Sensory games and scavenger hunts

A list of creative games and fun natural treasure hunts to dig a little deeper at what's in your backyard, balcony or Local Park.

Parents Pack - sensory games and scavenger hunts(PDF, 6MB)